About Me

My name is Ali Taylor and I live in Gloucester.  I moved to Gloucester from London in 2005 to attend Redcliffe College  where I completed a degree in Applied Theology. 

I began to explore paper mosaic art as part of a course on Psalms during my second year at Redcliffe, when I was asked to interpret a Psalm through art, accompanied by a reflective piece of writing.  I chose to explore Psalm 24 and 'Hands' was the resulting artwork.



My inspiration for this initial piece was a tile mosaic on display in the fracture clinic at my local hospital, which was constructed of a frame with inlaid broken tiles, but with an innovative and unusual extension of the main subject, beyond the confines of the frame.  For ease of construction and display, the mosaic technique was adapted by changing the medium to paper and incorporating an integral frame over which part of the design could extend.  This 'breaking of the frame' has become a significant part of each of my designs and there is a specific reason as to why a particular part of each design has been chosen to extend over the frame.

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