About the Mosaics

All the pieces have been designed with a Biblical verse in mind, however, while reference has been made to the specific verse that inspired each piece, I felt that it was important to allow the observer to discover their own interpretation of each mosaic as they look at it, by allowing God to speak to them individually.


Each piece uses a mosaic technique called opus classicum, which is a combination of two mosaic styles: opus tessellatum and opus vermiculatum.  Opus tessellatum uses mosaic pieces in straight rows creating an effect like a brick wall while opus vermiculatum outlines a shape within a mosaic clearly, bringing a sense of movement and making it appear to stand out from the background.


Each artwork is carefully designed  before construction using magazine pages affixed to white poster board.  Where possible if a design incorporates skin tones or hair these are cut from appropriate images. The majority of pieces in each design are individually hand cut.  Backgrounds and outlines consisting of squares are created using paper punches.  Backgrounds of rectangles are created from long strips of paper cut using a guillotine, but then cut to size individually.



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