Candle Greetings Card

£ 2.00 

Width (approx.): 122mm / 4.8in
Height (approx.): 174mm / 6.85in

The title of each image is printed on the reverse of each card, but the inside is left blank for your own message.

Supplied with an envelope and packaged in a plastic sleeve.


Candle Print A4

£ 10.00 

Width: 210mm / 8.27in
Height: 297mm / 11.69in
Supplied unframed.


Candle Print A3

£ 15.00 

Width: 297mm / 11.69in
Height: 420mm / 16.54in
Supplied unframed.


Candle Print A2

£ 30.00 

Width: 420mm / 16.54in
Height: 594mm / 23.39in
Supplied unframed.


Candle Print A1

£ 60.00 

Width: 594mm / 23.39in
Height: 841mm / 33.11in
Supplied unframed.


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